Hey everyone so I'm having a really tough decision on what 7 string to get. I'm having a debate between these
Ibanez RG iron label (RGIR27FE)
or I can get a ESP LTD SC 207 for around $400 and I would do a pickup upgrade to EMG 81-7 in the bridge and EMG 85-7 in the neck

I'm in Canada if it helps any so the prices of the ESP's new are pretty expensive, the H-1007 has been quoted to me by multiple stores at coming in just under $1100 with the 417 not far behind in price. As for the Ibanez I can pick it up for $730.

All help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for their time
Play them all or order from somewhere with a great returns policy.

While I haven't played an iron label 7 string, I have an 8 string version.
Quality for cost is excellent. The fretboard feels very nice and the only flaw was on the back where the recessed string thingies were not perfect. Ibanez make some great guitars for the price point (as do LTD).
Have you played the LTD 6 strings and Ibby 6 strings? Aim for whichever neck profile you preferred.
Are they similar to any guitars you already own? If you're already familiar with a 6 string RG, you'll be rather familiar with a 7 string also. Just something to think on.
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I ended up playing the Ibanez on Monday and fell in love with the neck on it, it's insane the thinness of it. I ended up going with the Ibanez as it was cheaper for me after taxes and it just felt better, the 707's don't sound too terrible either, if I'm really unhappy with the pickups I'll just end up switching them out for the 81-7 and the 85-7 but the 707's are really starting to grow on me. The quality on the Ibanez is really good though considering it's not a premium or anything overall I'm happy with it so I guess that's what matters in the long run!
Now head over to the 7 String Legion (link in sig) and join us. Post pics n' shit.

Happy NGD
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i went out to GC a few weeks ago to see if i wanted a 7 string again. i had one, didn't like it and sold it. but i played an iron label and a Jackson SLATXF7MG, i was on each for probably 45 minutes of play. i thought that the iron label seemed beter fit and finish more attention to detail and the fretwork was better. jackson was very nice too, but just lacked slightly.

i left learning that i just prefer a 6 stringer.
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