I'm borrowing this guitar from my friends brother because I had to sell my Epiphone. Its kind of a piece of junk but not much I can do. Anyway, I messed up the low E string but I can't restring it because the bridge is different than most guitars. I've looked it up on youtube but i cant find anything can anyone help

I have pictures but im not sure how to attach them, this is my first post, can someone help me post the pictures first
Upload pics to photo bucket and then post them hear, doesn't get much easier than that.
You can post pictures by going to a site like imgur and copy-paste their link for message boards and/or forums. You could also copy-paste the direct link and put it in between .

Pictures would be needed to offer the best help, although a description of the bridge could get us in the ballpark and might be enough to help you. Also elaborate on what your problem is. What do you need to know in order to restring it properly and what do you already have experience with in the whole set-up of a guitar?