True story: In 1987, I bought a brand new Fender Stratocaster guitar at Guitar Center in San Francisco. I played about 15 Stratocasters that day, and I picked out a black, made in Japan Strat with a rosewood fretboard. At the time, Japanese Fenders were considered inferior, but I just really liked the way this particular one played and sounded - it was the best playing and sounding strat in the store, so I bought it. If I remember correctly, it wasn't really that much less expensive than an American Stratocaster. About $350 in 1987 dollars. The American ones were just slightly higher - a bit above $400 as I recall.

A few years later, I lent the strat to a friend, and after a few moves out of state, I lost touch with him. Last week, out of the blue, he sent me an email and told me he would like send me back the guitar! I sent him my address, and he sent it to me. The neck was really bowed, the pickup selector is in backwards, but it seems to be in great shape. I tightened up the truss rod to fix the bow, put on some new strings, and it plays as well as it ever did, and still sounds great! It cleaned up well, and looks awesome for a 27 year-old guitar! How's that for Karma?
Cool story, bro...

But we want PIX!!!
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Quote by dannyalcatraz
Cool story, bro...

But we want PIX!!!

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I bet that feels good after such a long time! Congrats man!
But yeah, let's have a look!
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