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Here is what I want you to:
1. Name your favorite singer (either solo artist or lead singer of a band works), guitar player, bass player and drummer.
2. Name who you would consider most overrated singer (same as before), guitar player, bass player, and drummer. They way I would like you to approach this is well, some one says this person is a great guitar player for example and you say meh, he is okay but nothing really to write home about.
I will start:
1. Favorite singer: Robert Plant, Favorite guitar player: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Favorite bass player: Geezer Butler, and Favorite Drummer: Neal Peart.
2. Most overrated singer: Axl Rose, most overrated guitar player: Joe Bonamassa, most overrated bass player:Pete Wentz,and most overrated drummer: Phil Collins.
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is there anyone who "rates" Pete Wentz so he can be overated? the dude can barely play the FOB basslines!/
!Favorite Singer: John Mayer Favorite Guitar Player:John Scofield Favorite Bass Player: Victor Wooten Favorite Drummer : Terry Bozzio
Most overated
Singer:Adele guitar playerave Mustaine Bass Player Billy Sheehan Drummer :John Kollias
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(separated the vocalists to male and female because of range)
1. Singer: Male: Bruce Dickinson, Female: Sharon Den Adel
Guitar: Tony Iommi
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Brann Dailor
2. Singer: Male: Brian Johnson, Female: Whitney Houston
Guitar: Slash
Bass: Paul McCartney
Drums: Keith Moon
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1. Singer: Ronnie Van Zant. Guitar Player: Jimmy Page. Bass Player: Geddy Lee. Drummer: Dave Grohl

2. Singer: Steve Perry. Guitar Player: Jeff Beck. Bass Player: Victor Wooten. Drummer: Don Henley
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Isn't this a few commonly repeated threads in one? **** it, I'm bored & awake early....

Singer - Ian Astbury
Guitarist - Slash/Billy Duffy (IMO this has been a dead heat for over 20 years!)
Bassist - Steve Harris
Drummer - Matt Sorum

Most overrated:
Singer - Anyone from a TV talent show
Guitarist - Steve Vai
Bassist - Paul McCartney
Drummer - Steve Adler (mostly judged by his own rating of himself)

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so im taking a slightly different approach on my list, because if I chose my favourites it would be very unoriginal i.e Hendrix, so I'm going for people i view as heavy underrated, but still love.
singer- bob dylan (underrated, no, but for his singing, its unique and loveable yet gets a lot of hate, despite being perfect for his genre)
female- amy winhouse (she got a lot of hate among self-rightous people who listen to the 'correct music')
guitarist- ray davis (he is accredted as a great song writer however makes you weep in the solo to all day and all of the night)
female- st Vincent (no explanation needed)
bass player- paul McCartney (again genius song writer however his genuine musicianship is overlooked)
drummer- Stewart Copeland
singer-Bruce Dickson (only if your a maiden fan, hes ok tbh), guitarist- Clapton bassist-flea (people love him because his a bit mad) drummer- joey jordison
big shout out to drenge, suede and nina simone
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1. favorite singer, Freddie Mercury, guitar player Matt Bellamy, bass player John Entwistle and drummer Dave Grohl or it could probably be the whole of Bullet For My Valentine.

2. most overrated singer Gary Barlow, guitar player Eric Clapton, bass player Paul McCartney, and drummer Phil Collins.
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Singer: Klaus Meine and Sharon den Adel
Guitar player: Angus Young
Bass player: Steve Harris
Drummer: Dave Lombardo


Singer: M. Shadows
Guitar player: Synyster Gates
Bass player: Paul McCartney
Drummer: Dave Grohl

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This is all opinion. Fun n game. However, let's stay in reality. I don't care for Axl Rose cuz he's crazy. But over rated? The guy has the most range of any vocalist in history. Even more than Mariah Carey. Look it up. Then I look and two guys have Dave Grohl as their best and the next guy has him as most over rated. LMFAO
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Singer: Freddie Mercury (I know it`s a cliche but to me he is number one singer)
Guitar player: John Petrucci
Bass player: Richard Bona
Drummer: Neil Peart


Singer: King Diamond
Guitar player: Tom Morello
Bass player: meh
Drummer: meh
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Wow, some of these are surprising but that's what opinions are for. Since the question is who your favorites (not who do think is the best) any name will be acceptable since it’s your opinion. I can’t comment on some because some of these names I had to Google to see if they are even real people. I have never heard of a few listed. As far as "overrated" I'd also like to add that a person can't be "overrated" if very few people have ever heard of them. On the other hand it’s what makes this forum so much fun and a source of information since we are all posting from different parts of the world where some people we mention who are well known in one country are unheard of in others.
Male singer………Rob Halford
Female singer……Aretha Franklin
Guitar………………..Jeff Beck
Bass…………………..Donald “Duck” Dunn
Drums……………….Mike Portnoy
Most overrated
Male singer………….Geddy Lee
Female singer……..Amy Winehoue
Guitar……………….…Jerry Garcia
Bass……………………..Derek Smalls
Drums…………………..Ginger Baker
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i don't know many guitarists or singers but there are a few overrated guitarists i have seen but don't know their names.
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1. Favorite singer: Male: Robert Plant Female: Grace Slick
Favorite guitar player: Jimmy Page
Favorite bass player: Geezer Butler
Favorite Drummer: John Bonham
(yeah, lots of zeppelin, but honestly I can't get over Jimmy's playing. ****ing brilliant)

2. Most overrated singer: Haelstorm girl
most overrated guitar player: Slash
most overrated bass player: (can't name one, most of the bad ones aren't really overrated)
most overrated drummer: Lars Ulrich or Phil Collins
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Singer: Robert Plant
Guitar player: Jimi Hendrix
Bass player: Cliff Burton
Drummer: Philty Animal Taylor

Singer: Bono
Guitar player: Buckethead
Bass player: Fles
Drummer: Lars Ulrich
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Quote by GaryBillington
Isn't this a few commonly repeated threads in one? **** it, I'm bored & awake early....

Singer - Ian Astbury
Guitarist - Slash/Billy Duffy (IMO this has been a dead heat for over 20 years!)
Bassist - Steve Harris
Drummer - Matt Sorum

Most overrated:
Singer - Anyone from a TV talent show
Guitarist - Steve Vai
Bassist - Paul McCartney
Drummer - Steve Adler (mostly judged by his own rating of himself)

I'd swap Slash and Vai around right there...
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Best singer in the universe Ever: FREDDIE MERCURY!!!!!!!!
FREDDIE is/was/and forever will be the greatest singer and the most awesome frontman ever to grace the Earth, EVER!!!!!!
Best guitarist: BRIAN MAY......Extraordinary talent, incredible musician and singer!
Best drummer: ROGER TAYLOR....Fantastic drummer and back-up vocalist!
Best bass guitarist: JOHN DEACON.....Great bassist, very under-rated!
QUEEN......The most amazingly AWESOME band EVER!!!!! With these 4 stunningly talented guys, all great song writers - only band in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame - it's no wonder the incredible music they created!!
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Quote by jesse1994
most overrated drummer: Phil Collins

Not sure if you have ever listened to the old genesis albums 1970-1975, but Phil was a beast on those. Sad that he afterwards invented the pop drum sound and style.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

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I agree. Phil was a monster drummer in the early Genesis years. Fox Trot, Nursery Cryme and Lambs Lie On Broadway showcase his great playing.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.