My acoustic guitar recently broke, the bridge just came right off the body. DON'T WORRY! It was pretty cheap. Instead of buying another acoustic, I am contemplating on buying an electric guitar.

Would it be cheaper to buy an electric guitar, or to build one with the same quality?

I've seen people build their own guitars, and I'm pretty good with tools. I could probably pull off building one with some sort of instruction manual. But is building an electric guitar cheaper?
If it is a labor of love and you don't put any monetary value on your time it might be a tiny bit cheaper. A good Mex Strat or Epiphone can often be found used for $250 or less in the US. Hard to beat that in a parts list alone.

A quality bolt on neck is around $100
A set of pickups and control harness is about $150
Tonewood for the body? Bridge hardware? Tuners?
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Considering youll run around $200+ to build one (not to mention labor) while Sweetwater cpuld get you. a Bullet Stratocaster for 129.99 i would buy a guitar first. Then when you know what you want from a guitar buikd one. Till then, just buy one. Plus youll need to do ALOT of research. Hope i helped.
Well, have you ever built a guitar before? I ask this because a lot of people think that building a guitar is a matter of just assembling it, and I assure you, its not that easy. If you have time, patience, and a genuine love of all things guitar, then go for it. If you don't currently have a guitar to play, I would probably recommend buying one. If you are looking for a quality guitar cheap, check out the house brand that www.GuitarFetish.com carries. They are a great value and pretty good quality. If you decide to build one, keep us posted on how it goes. For my current build, I have 54$ in the body, 70$ in the neck, 90$ in pick ups and wiring (I went active) and 20$ for the tuners... I started a blog for my builds and restorations. I'm by no means an expert, just a guy who started restoring guitars one day, and migrated to building. I'm still learning as I go. My blog is at www.FretboardDiaries.com Best of luck to you and keep us posted
It depends a lot on how much you like making/modding things.

I compromise, and do fairly major modding to inexpensive electrics, but I would like to build my dream guitar from Warmoth parts. I don't consider either a cheap option, because resale value is comparatively low, and all the mistakes you make on the way add a great deal to the cost. It is about making things that acquire mojo thereby.

I really got into electrics by buying a fairly decent inexpensive guitar (now it would likely be a Sterling Music Man) and swapping the pickups.

Also budget for a decent amp.
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have you ever owned an electric befoer at all?

then i say dont. you dont know what you want to build until you have some preferences. i mean you cna buy a kit, but A you dont know the fine qualities that may infulence your assembly and setup, B you may opt to tweak the build components
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Quote by 711Slurps

Would it be cheaper to buy an electric guitar, or to build one with the same quality?


Unless you're going for "original '59 burst" and you have the skills and the gear to build it already.
JamesPendragon and ikey really pointed something out for me. I really don't know what put into my guitar since I haven't owned an electric guitar yet.

I think I'll just buy one for now.

Thanks to everyone who posted on this thread for answering my question .