Hey guys I'm Pat new to the site. Lately I've been questioning my guitar collection. I'm twenty years old live with my folks and go to music college. I have limited space and love my guitars. At the moment I have a Jackson performer kelly Jackson Performer rhoads, Jackson RRxt, Esp ltd Roope Latvala sig, Ibanez 87 saber S540, Jackson RR2, three strat evh mutts that I built, Esp ltd M17 and a custom built jackson neck thru yellow beveled one hum rhoads. I feel like I have too many guitars and should sell some. The M17 is already being sold to a friend but as far as the others they are very close to me and hard to part with. I'd like a nice high end guitar in the future, but I don't know which guitars to sell, any help???
yea man Im very partial towards jackson. maybe sell my rr2 and the m17 and possibly the RRmg (listed it wrong above) and grab an old ibanez destroyer 2 or a higher end 90s jackson
Yeah I agree, Sell off the cheaper ones and buy one really nice playing guitar.
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which ones would you suggest i really wanna keep the roope and the 87 ibanez and the rhoads performer has sentimental value
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yea man Im very partial towards jackson. maybe sell my rr2 and the m17 and possibly the RRmg (listed it wrong above) and grab an old ibanez destroyer 2 or a higher end 90s jackson

Yo, I'd be slightly interested in the rr2 or rrmg, if their conditions aren't shit, prices aren't too bad, etc.

I'd love some details if you seriously want to sell
ayy lmao
A slightly different perspective:

In all my years of playing, the only guitar I ever got rid of was a starter acoustic I played nearly to destruction. I currently have @20 guitars, mostly electrics, ranging from just a few hundred dollars to nearly $4k. I've kept them all because each satisfied a need or desire. As of 2014, though, that may change.

But even though I'm contemplating getting rid of one of my cheaper guitars, I'm not getting rid of it because it is cheap. In fact, the guitar feels good in my hands, holds tune like a vise, and is quite well made- surprisingly so for its price. All it "needs" is a pickup upgrade. It's on the bubble because recent acquisitions may simply do its job better than it could do, even with that change.

So I don't advocate getting rid of cheaper guitars to get more expensive ones. I say, get rid of the ones that don't suit you anymore. Consider your bond with each, and how they perform. If you have an axe you rarely use, ask yourself why. If you have friends you play guitar with or for, ask them about which of your collection they like or dislike, and why.
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Sell the ones you use the least. Spend all that money on a really good guitar. Whenever I sell gear the money always goes into my "gear fund". I basically just keep cash on top of my amp and when I find something I like I take it out of my gear fund. Just keeps being recycled.
I don't mind selling guitars at all. Most of the guitars I've owned thus far were of low or moderate quality. Sell anything that isn't super valuable or that you don't play. Keep it if it has tons of sentimental value.

But if you ever find a guitar that "feels right" in your hands, hold on to that one. Feel is much harder to replicate, since it is so personal.
i don't know how many i own but its probably close to 20 electrics and 6 classicals. i have the room and they get used regularly
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Then maybe sell the others and buy a $1500+ guitar or something?

Or other gear!
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