Severed's Radio Mix: Beings Both Ethereal And Eternal In Death

There are re-occurring spectres that scream creating nightmares of horror. Dismembered bodies hovering around a central mass, a grand heart. The bodies that floated now wait on the floor patiently yet a moment ago were twitching. The heart now exposed convulses, contorting itself into oblivion while simultaneously expelling life from it. I awake to my reflection.

Each night these apparitions invade, and each night I seek comfort. To seek comfort is to seek death. These beings are ethereal and eternal. There is no solace.



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May 19: AnnihiSSlater
I'd never listened to Wormphlegm before, but their sound is pretty massive considering it's relative simplicity. I think had I not been in the mood I might have said it goes on a bit, but as it stands I feel pretty content with it going on.

Nor had I listened to Sortsind either, though I feel this track is probably an outro or interlude. Not overly keen on the vocals, kind of sounds like someone doing an impression of a baby crying into a microphone with the gain set too high.

I'd only heard Dödsengel's Imperator before this track. Once you get past the production it gets pretty hypnotic. But I don't think I have a problem with the production being lo-fi, there's just something about it grates with me. I felt the same about Imperator, it was quite unwelcoming.

Bethlehem are one of those bands who I've heard of but never took the time to listen to. I think it's better than I was expecting.

Need to revisit portal. I'd never been massively into them, but I really liked Vexovoid last year. Though I get the impression this is more intro/outro/interludy.

Again, heard of Mortifera, never listened. Starts nice with the Arpeggio, wouldn't sound out of place on Hammerheart.

Ah Negative Plane, they've kind of fallen of my radar in recent years. I seem to remember quite liking this album when it came out.

Yoga is hard to really say anything about as it seems another mood piece.

Didn't care much for the last ambeint piece either.

All things considered though a solid mix with a nice flow to it. I like that it was broken up the way it was.
Bethlehem are better than you think, Neil. Really demented vocals on Suizid & Dictius, however, since you said you were in the mood for Wormphlegm, Bethlehem's first album "Dark Metal" wouldn't be far off from that, so you might want to take a listen if you're into gloom and doom right now. It might hit the sweet spot and you'll be running with the cool crowd.

I don't know how much of this you'd like since our tastes have vary greatly in harshness from what I've gathered. It's kind of odd how you're not a big fan of Dodsengel though, they seem like they'd be up your alley but I also don't know anything about production qualities. Mortifera is also pretty harsh but I'd still recommend Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera for Neige's best vocals to date when you get the chance.
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