We are a 4 piece rock band (sometimes heavy) drums, bass, 2x guitars 3x vocals, we want a pair of active stage monitors so we can hear the vocals clearly and be able to stay in tune, we have been looking at wharfdale and behringer but what others can anyone suggest for roughly a 300-400 price range they just need to be loud, reliable and loud again!
Go on craigslist or your local used market or ebay or whatever and find a used pair of old active 12" speakers.
Yamaha's, mackie's, jbl's...
Not behringer if you want it to sound good.

I don't really think a stereo pair will suffice for 4 people.
I think you need at least 3 for that, and since it's not really a hell of an idea to buy single monitors, get two pairs.

A pair will indeed be a good start though so you may as well get a pair now and another pair afterwards if you're low on cash.
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