Hey guys,
Does anyone know if a DiMarzio D Activator X (neck) and a Seymour Duncan Invader (bridge) would sound good together or would I have trouble wiring them?
The guitar I'm putting them on is a Dean Ml Modifier

I don't know how they would sound together, but you should have no trouble wiring them if you know how to read wiring diagrams and how to solder.
If you like them on their own then the answer is yes, they will sound good together. The invader is gritty and midheavy while the D activator is much more open and clear. Combining them (having them both on at the same time) will actually give you a nice balanced tone.
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Some pickups are EQ'ed differently and work better with one kind of wood, pot and caps. I bought tons of pickups over the 36 years of playing guitar, many ended up in box waiting to be installed. I got many Bill Lawrence, Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle, Dragon Fire, GFS, Fender Custom shops, Fralins, and EMG, waiting to be installed.
I got a feeling if you stick to guitar playing, you're going to be like the rest of us "long haul players", hoarding pickups for a rainy day ....
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