Ok so my local store have a discontinued Epiphone Les Paul Nightfall on sale. Its specs is rather good, with Floyd Rose Special bridge, set maple neck with mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard, with Grover machine head.

However, it have a pair of EMG HZ-4, HZ-4A as its pickups. I already have an ESP LTD V300 with 85 on the bridge and 81 on the neck, so i'm looking for something different. I'd like to get a pair of versatile passive, something geared for mainly heavy metal (most of the major genre like death, thrash, deathcore and black...) with beefy and tight low end, throaty mid and soaring high, and also it needs to be clear, articulate with . I also would like to keep the cost down a bit, around 200 max for a pair. I'm looking at a Bill Lawrence L500XL (Bill and Beck one, not BLUSA one) as its bridge, and maybe a Seymour Duncan 59 bridge. Or a set of Seymour Duncan Black Winter. Do you guys have any recommendation? Thanks

FYI i'm in Australia. I only have a multi FX unit ZOOM G3X for all my pedal/amp needs.
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i can tell you epiphones r your best bang 4 your buck . also jackson pickups from the 80s will sound great without the preamp n a epi.les paul cheap specail [2] well mine do.no muddymess lows [checkyour speakers response],nice mids. if u can get an eq.cloud help a lot. live 2 play bro