So after being well-acquainted with my 5 string Jazz bass, and my 4 string SUB series StingRay, I'm looking to acquire a sixer to accommodate my ever-evolving musical tastes. Upon some browsing and window shopping the ESP LTD D-6 caught my eye. I was wondering if anyone here has played one and can provide some feedback, or possibly offer some alternatives? I'm looking to spend around $600 at the max.
Thanks in advance and much love to all!
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A lot of instrumental and progressive metal. I'm a big fan of Scale The Summit, and their bass player plays a six string Warwick Thumb, which I'm pretty far from being able to afford lol.
That LTD sixgun is a good one, and it should serve you well for a long time. It is a neck-through design, which you do not often see at that price.
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