Please help me secure the opportunity to cover the World Cup from Brazil!

Hi UG!

I've entered Titan Bet's 'Best Job In The World' competition, and I need your support to get me on the plane to Brazil to cover the World Cup!

Please watch the video, give a 'thumbs up' if you enjoyed it, and share with your friends! It will only take a minute of your time

Help me achieve my dream of not only watching, but covering the beautiful game on the grandest stage. Thank you all!
you kicked that poor porcupine

fck you and your world cup
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You are filthy.
Aw that was kind of crap but i guess you know it I +1'd if that helps, good luck mate!
Arite then, since you're from the North East.

You can't be punching Ray though.. He's the daddy.
The plan was to drink until the pain over.
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
Who am I? I'm a titan so be expectin' a clash.
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Cheers! Yeah it isn't the best quality due to limited resources, and I'm by no means a good video editor. Most of the other entries were rather serious, so I took a slightly more light hearted approach.

I wasn't harming the hedgehog, it was what the hedgehog represents

Apologies if this is breaking any rules or anything, not too sure what the UG stance on this is.

Thumbs up are very much appreciated
I like Joey Barton. Why kick him? **** you
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
how did someone honestly name a town 'whickham'?
i don't know why i feel so dry
watch he goes to brazil only to get all his limbs ripped off and his head placed on a pike

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This thread topic is gold. I've been on this website for 8 years and I've never come up with anything like this. So yeah. Great job TS[457undead].