I am now plan to build telecaster style super strat.
and I want to install tune-o-matic bridge for my telecaster.

However, I saw some post (not on this forum) who suffered from high action on tune o matic bridge super strat even the bridge is in lowest position
but someone said it's ok. (There is no problem)

What is the truth?
Do I need special modification for installing tune o matic bridge and keep the string action low? Did you have some experience with this problem?

Help me...! Thx.

(Sorry for my poor English...)
Looking at my SG and Tele side by side the SG neck is angled downward from the pocket and the Tele is straight all the way. I would agree that a shim would be the way to avoid any action problems.
One other thing... try and look for some pictures of the Seymour Duncan Tele-Gib. His 35th anniversary Tele - the SD 35 has a Tone-Pros tune-o-matic. See if that has an angled neck.
I just built a guitar and I set the neck angle too low. Oops. I had an old tune o matic lying around so I grounded down the bottom and recessed the mounts. That got it to the correct height. The other option was to recess it. But I lucked out.
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