Having a go at songwriting.

Some pointers would be appreciated. a little embarrassing to put this stuff out there but you have to get feedback i suppose, haha.

I'm getting older as i try to decide,
whether i miss you or drinking outside,
or whether the two a hopelessly entwined,
and can't exist in separate states within my mind,

You and my youth are one and the same,
you weaved your way down neural pathways in my brain
until i couldn't recall my golden days,
without picturing your face.

And if i see you again,
i don't think i could ever bring myself leave,
So if you can't stay with me then lets agree
to fall in love next time we meet.
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Cool lyrics! I like the way you're referencing something very important, even self-identifying, to you that is no longer there. Seems like you may have left out a few words but I am a bit of a grammar Nazi. For example, "weaved you down" I assume should be "weaved your way down"

So what is it that you don't want to leave if greeted again? My intuition says it's a vapor.

Oh btw, have a look at my lyrics, I'm in the same boat as you as far as the whole "putting stuff out there" thing.