I recently bought an Ibanez RGA7 fitted with a pair of EMGs (81-7X and 85-7X), however the signal from both pickups are really weak, like they’re not getting any power from the battery or something. I tried switching out the battery for a new one but it didn’t make any difference so I figured it must be something wrong with the wiring. I opened it up and compared the wiring to the schematics at EMG but everything seemed to be put together just like it should (I’ve never worked with the electronics before though), with the exception that the 3-way switch and the jack seems to be the ones that came with the guitar originally and hence I cant tell if they are connected the right way, and a loose cable which looks to be some kind of grounding, but doesn’t seem to go to anything and a grounding cable isn’t of any use for active pickups either, so that’s a mystery. I even had a guitartech look into it but he couldn’t find the problem, only thing he could think of was to switch out all the pots and the switch for brand new ones which would cost a bit (including the work) and since that might not be the problem I might just be throwing the money away.

Also, I tried comparing the guitar with another guitar with EMGs, and upon trying both of them without a battery there was a weak signal from the one with working EMGs but absolutely nothing came through from the RGA7.

Anyone experienced with this have any idea what the problem might be?
(here are a few blurry pictures of the wirings)

Yeah they're about 3mm away from the strings so that shouldnt be it. Im afraid I dont have a multimeter though
Well, you'll need to get one. The digital ones are like 15-25 dollars at Walmart. Analog ones are about 10 but you'd probably have to learn to read the scale. The digital ones will be very, very sensitive and the analog ones will only be good for keeping in your car...
Alright, but I dont know how much good it will do me since I dont know what to do with it. Besides, im pretty sure the guitar tech checked it out with a multimeter already.
I wierd the bridge pcikup directly to the volume (skipping the tone and pickup switch) and the pickup is now working perfectly, though only one of them is plugged in. Im pretty sure its the switch thats broken, but since I never use the neck pickup anyway I might just leave it this way.
If you don't use the neck pickup don't worry about it. I installed a dimarzio crunch lab 7 in my RGA7. Left the neck pickup unconnected so my pickup switch acts as a kill switch now.
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