I was going through my stuff the other day and came across my first guitar, an old Roadstar II. I bought it used back in the early 80's and played the crap out of it. Later on, I had the money to buy some other, nicer, guitars and this one kind of got forgotten. It has been stored in an outside shed for many years now. Obviously, the electronics and metal parts do not look to be in the best condition. I know the guitar is worth practically nothing other than what it's worth to me sentimentally. As such, I was thinking that this would be a good opportunity to refurbish the thing and learn a little something along the way. I've never messed with changing out pickups and the like before and now might be a good opportunity.

So, my first question is about parts. Old Ibanez parts look to be hard to come by. There are tons of Fender parts out there and this guitar looks to be mostly just a strat copy. Are fender parts interchangeable with this guitar? I'm sure the pickups are but what about the tremolo bridge, pots, etc?

I believe I have a very similar guitar to yours, mines an '87, and mine is also in rough shape. I've been meaning to fix mine up as well. I haven't done so yet, but there is an Ibanez Guitar forum that could probably give you much more help.

As far as I know, the bridge may be the hardest piece to get a hold of. All of the other electronics should just mount to the pickguard.
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Did a quick search on the bridge. They originally came with the prorocker tremolo and it had an 82mm bolt spacing. I don't think that's a standard size and you will have trouble finding a drop in replacement.

Electronics are easyer the standard is 250k pots for single coil 500k for humbicker pickups. There's lots of wiring diagrams out there you can use.
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That's interesting. Back in the day my first electric was a Roadstar II and it had a Floyd. Mine may have been a later model, though.
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It came with a Prorocker to start and then moved over to the original Edge in the late 80s. Which you have will determine how hard it is to fix and or replace. Here is a similar project I did on mine.

Thanks guys.

Did a little more research and have found that the bridge in this case is a Power Rocker. It's much more simple than the prorocker. It also appears that these are hard to come by and quite expensive. Maybe I'll try taking the thing apart and and try to clean it up a bit.