So, I will perform Gary Moore's Parisienne Walkways at my school in a month and I really want to do the part where Gary just hits a note and the note lasts forever, people go crazy when he does that. So, how is he able to sustain that note for such a long time? Pedals? Finger techniques?
Practice and a propper set up, or you can do it by mechanical means such as a sustainer pedal, the Fernandez sustainer or an ebow. There was a thread in gg&a that had another option but I can't remember it. It's only 2 or three pages deep.
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how GM does it is really loud volume. stand in the right place and the vibration from that high volume will make your string vibrate indefinitely.

EDIT: ^ yeah what GG said.
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Merely good setup will not get you that 20 sec sustain. Before a show, a tech would try to hold that note at various places on stage. When he found the sweet spot, he'd mark the spot with chalk for Gary.

In other words, you're better off playing the studio version.
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just hum the note into a microphone and hope nobody notices.. that's what i do
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Gary Moore and Santana both plot the stage for sweet spots. I bet all the pros do that. The amp is up so loud it makes the guitar and pickups vibrate on a sympathetic vibration, creating an endless loop signal. You also have to be able to hold the string firmly for great intonation for a really nice twang...that's hard to do but that's what practice is for. You will never be able to have a local venue that will allow you to crank up your equipment to get those sound pressures for that kind of sustain.At regular volume you can try and crank up your distorter but that usually sounds cheap and crappy. The other way is to use a compressor. I use to play Gary Moore's Still Got the Blues around town using a Les Paul and a Tube Screamer. There's this note that climaxes on the 22nd fret that sustains forever. A compressor pedal made that note believable at low volume (as long as I could hold a full bend at the 22nd fret. which was not always possible.)