Was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the Martin D15M. Been saving to get my first Martin and really love the sound of mahogany dreadnoughts. Anyways, any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank.
nice guitar. i had one. a little bit too muddy sounding for my tastes. i sold it and got a taylor 324 and a martin 000-15M. i'm happier with those. the smaller bodies keep that 'Hog flavor but with more complex highs. next up is a big bold sounding Taylor 526ce !
my advice is to find a shop that has a bunch and try them out as much as you can without getting tossed from the store !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
A few years ago, I walked into a music store with the mindset that I wanted a Martin. As StepchildUSMC stated, I also found them to be too muddy sounding. I couldn't get past their tone and wound up buying a Taylor 314CE, which I still play every day. I also own a Taylor Custom GS, which I really like. You have to try the Martins for yourself.
I love the martin 15 series guitars. If you can find one that is 8 or more years old then get it instead because back then they used real mahogany which sounded better. Around 8 years ago they started phasing out real mahogany and using African mahogany (which isn't actually mahogany) because there was an inport/export ban put in place. A couple used after that it turned into them using either african mahogany or sapele. The Honduran (Brazilian or genuine are also the same thing) sounds the best, followed by African and sepele being the least desirable, IMO, But all sound good so if you can't find one that is 8 years old a new one will still be a great guitar.
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