Hey guys, I'm having a huge amount of trouble figuring out how to price my old combo... (just got an avatar 4x10, and a Peavey tour 700 to power it) anyway, I'm trying to sell my Peavey combo 210TX but I absolutely can not figure out what its worth... Its treated me well for years, but its just not powerful enough to hear myself over the guitarists I've been playing with.

So, Peavey combo 210TX, used condition, works well, a little hissy... The only thing I've found is I think they may have been $700 new. And someone somewhere was considering buying one for $400, and people though it was a little pricey... I was thinking starting at 350 for bargaining? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Also, has anyone played on these avatar cabs? It sounds good so far, but I haven't got my tour 700 yet... Its not too powerful is it?