Hi All,

I recently picked up an older Ibanez SZ320 that had been completely stripped of all hardware as a refinishing and customization project.

I am considering veneering the body top and headstock with either a quilt or flame maple and dyeing it. The other option I am considering is finishing the body in a solid stain similar to the original finish. In a perfect word I would like to go the veneer route (I've always loved the look of quilt maple) however I think that this could be problematic, especially around the headstock area given that the neck is bound.

I was hoping to get some advice on the veneer route as this is not something that I have attempted before. Thanks!
Seems like applying a veneer would be more difficult on a guitar with a carved top like that S series has. Maybe just strip the finish and see what the wood looks like under there?
Thanks for your reply!

Attached is a picture of the guitar. The existing finish is pretty thin and the grain underneath looks ok.

The reason I thought a veneer may be possible is because the carve on this guitar is pretty gradual (not like a prs or les paul).

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I'm also open to any hardware and color/finishing suggestions. I'm still in the planning stages and any input is appreciated.
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If I had that as a starting point I'd probably strip it and try a transparent finish. Maybe even a sort of sunburst. And then I'd put satin nickle finished hardware on it. Maybe zebra coil pickups too. But cream pickup rings would look pretty good with that neck binding.

Heres another idea,transparent black on top. paint the back and sides black, but leave a strip around the body unpainted or stained so its like natural binding.
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Can anyone recommend a bridge for this guitar? The gibraltar III is proving difficult to source and the measurements on this guitar are somewhat unusual.