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here we write our life mottos so we can all look back and see how dumb we were

1) write it yourself, don't quote someone
2) keep it down to a sentence
3) english probably

okay here's mine: "masturbate at least once a day for sanity, if nothing else"

your turn
i don't know why i feel so dry
One time my boss told me that I say "It's all good" a lot whenever anybody made a mistake or whatever so I guess that's my motto #originality #simplicity #lifehax #gymrat
if ya want it don't just think you want it, go out and fuckin want it #inspirational #motivation #2014 #keepyourheadupkid

Baby Joel

It's the only motto I need
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
You never know when you may need a screwdriver.
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pull down his pants, his dick is probly the size of a newborn moose

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Found this quite funny.

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Found this quite SEARCH BAR
"poo tee tweet, breh"

Really combines my two major world views
My God, it's full of stars!
I've had a motto for yeeeaaaars man.


Keep It Classy Kids.
keep it burg
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On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
"I sell Propane and Propane accessories"

Unfortunately I'm a civil engineer, so it's somewhat redundant
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

I'm losing my grip, 'cos I'm losing my fingers.
E-married to ilikepirates

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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

"I can just wing it."
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digoutyerarse: none dig deeper

Give champagne to your real friends and real pain to your sham friends.
No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable

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"poo tee tweet, breh"

Really combines my two major world views

Slaughterhouse Five meets Twitter meets being a ****?
"I could turn you"

It applies to straight men and lesbians
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
Better to spend your time posting on UG, then to spend it practicing guitar. -Vai
Don't start something you can't finish.

If only other people took that stance so I don't have to smash them when they start on me.

#meathead #toughguy #micropenis
If you can't stand the heat, you probably shouldn't be friends with a pyromaniac.
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If KFC is finger-licking good, then people would probably suck dicks for Popeyes. That's how good it is.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
If you've got bills to pay then pay them with friendship and kindness
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

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Slaughterhouse Five meets Twitter meets being a ****?

Yes correct, no I don't twit, and a what?
My God, it's full of stars!
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