Before my band hits the studio in a little less than a month, I'm going to drop at least a new bridge pickup in my MIM Strat. It's my backup/alternative to my American Special with Texas Special pickups.

I've been searching for a while, trying to decide exactly what pickup, or pickups, I wanted to put in the guitar. I've weighed in a number of factors, including price, guitar usage, value, and the opinions of guys I know personally.

At the end of the day, I think I've settled on simply dropping a GFS 9k Alnico Boutique Overwound in the bridge and keeping the two stock singles in the mid and neck. The GFS would replace an old Don Lace AGI pickup that was in the guitar when I acquired it.


The main factors that led me to go with the GFS:
- I want the MIM to be more of a hotter alternative to the Texas Specials in my American. The TS's are wound a tad under 7k, so the 9k should be right in the wheelhouse of what I want, which is something in the ballpark of a P-90ish sound (fatter, hotter, less high end).

- I looked at a number of pickups, from full sets to single bridge pickups, and for the price, I'm not sure I can find a better value. I've gotten nothing but positive word-of-mouth from good sources on GFS.

- And finally, the biggest reason I'm going with the GFS is because of the amount of usage the guitar gets. I do play it regularly, but considering the ratio of how much I play the MIM compared to the American, it's really not worth my money to drop $90 on a pickup, or set of pickups. For general jamming, practice, writing, the USA to MIM usage ratio is probably about 70-30 and live it's probably more like 85-15, though a pickup change would make it closer to 80-20.

There is one other option I'm considering, and that's going with a GFS pre-wired pickguard. Other than the obvious difference of getting a set of pickups as opposed to just one for the bridge, I'd be getting ceramic pickups instead of alnico (the pre-wired alnico aren't hot enough for my taste) and the listing on the site doesn't give any techinical specs on the pickups. I'm going to email them to ask for those.

Sorry for being long winded . Any thoughts appreciated.
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