I needed a little help with my strumming as I'm a new guitarist.
So the thing is, when im strumming down, its very smooth and it makes a very clean sound.
However, when i strum upwards, it feels rougher and heavier if that makes sense.
Ive tried angling my pick and using a light gauge one but a lighter pick makes it worse.
Am I strumming too hard or is there something i can try?
Btw this is for acoustic guitar.
Any help would be appreciated!

It's nothing but practice really. You said you're a new guitarist so give it a bit of time and it'll feel like second nature. I think it's most important when strumming to try and stay relaxed. It's pretty common for beginners to be really tense when playing.
try not squeezing the pick to hard, so it has some freedom to angle itself when it hits the strings..

i remember having the same problem and it just went away after some time
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Okay thanks!
I have a slight bend to my neck, I noticed.
Could that also pose as a problem?
Try relaxing your wrist and not squeezing your pick. Chances are (not necessarily) you're keeping your wrist rigid, therefore the angle at which your pick hits the strings is different when you down and up stroke.

Pick angle is a preference thing, some people like their pick flat for a more smooth-ish sound while some like an angle for a more agressive-ish sound. Try it out to see which sound you prefer and which is more comfortable.

Edit:- Whoops, sorry, read neck as pick But if there's a problem with your neck, it should affect your downstrokes as well, not just your upstrokes. Though if you do think your neck looks a bit too bowed, might wanna get it checked out.
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