So I got a new bridge humbucker and I looked at the schematics and I was like "cool, okey". Then when I looked at the wiring in the guitar I was like "wat".

So yea, I took some pictures and if you could help me with how I should wire everything together I would be very grateful.

This is my first time changing pickups.
I have one tone knob and one volume knob and also a three-way switch.

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So what's the problem? And it would be much more helpful if you control ls post a diagram of how the guitar is current wired (and not how it SHOULD be wired).

The wiring thread (linked in my sig) may be able to help you a bit.
You need to look at a SD wiring diagram for a 3 way blade switch and 1 volume 1 tone.

This is the 1 volume 1 tone 3 way diagram:

This is a 3 way switch translation to go from the one in the diagram (Gibson style) to a Fender-type blade:

Then this is to translate from a Fender 3 way blade to an Import 3 way blade (like the one in your guitar):
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The SD Diagram helped me quite a lot. Thanks!
Dissonance is underrated.