Hey guys,

Long story short I've had the 112 combo for a few years now and wanted to separate the amp and speaker. So following a brief guide I found on here, I jumped right into it.

As I was taking it apart, I noticed the reverb tank was loose and was missing a screw. So I went to tighten the screws and one of them fell out. As I tried desperately in two separate holes, the screw would not grip. Finally I got it just enough so that it would not fall out, but it's nowhere near tight.

Is the reverb tank supposed to hang off the bottom of the board? Was I right to tighten it? It seems like there was intentionally almost no threads for the screws to grip.
Buy some fatter screws.
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At some point the screws were turned too much and the wood was reamed out. If it were mine, I'd simply move it 1/2" in any direction it will fit, drill small pilot holes and tighten that SOB down. If there isn't room to move it, a little bit of glue and a piece of dowel or toothpick in the hole, let the glue set and screw that sucker down.

Good luck!
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The only thing I was concerned about was that the electrical board is behind the metal the tank is attached to. I assumed it would be bad judgement to begin screwing different screws, otherwise I would have already done that.
Use some wood filler in the existing holes, let set for 24 hours and then screw-down. I would even coat the threads of the screw with some LOCTITE or thread sealer.