Nothing spectacular, but i want to know, what people who dont know me, think about my music.
I record only guitars. Drums are from guitar pro or youtube.
I think some riffs are quite good, but some solos are crap.
But give it a listen, and write what you think.
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You have some nice stuff there. Some solos sound a bit random, indeed.
Do you record using a metronome? You sound a little bit out of time sometimes (might be just me, though).

You're creative, but I think you need to improve your creations, they're good, but it sounds to me like they have even more potential.

Keep up with the good work!
I enjoy most of the riffs and your tone is awesome (the beginning of the one at the bottom sounds kind of like the intro to "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" by Van Halen)! The only thing I can really suggest you improve on (aside from the drums, which are no big deal since you got them pro or youtube) are, like you said, the solos. It's not really that they're bad, they just seem to wander.

Not as heavy rock as your songs, but I'd appreciate any feedback on my friend and my rock song!

I try to improve myself and learn more stuff.
And maybe somedays you can hear real drums and bass and even vocals (maybe i find band members).