Hey tab talk forum!
I'd love it if someone could tab out the guitar parts of the song Somehow by Caught a Ghost. It doesn't sound too difficult, but I'm not good enough to figure it out on my own...
Thanks a lot

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Note: for each line
1. play licks @*
2. if no * then just play chord
  Em*           Bm7*         C*          Em       B     
e|-------|  e|-------|  e|-8-----|     e|-7-|  e|-7-|
B|-8-7-8-|  B|-3-----|  B|-8-----|     B|-8-|  B|-7-|
G|-9-----|  G|-4-3-4-|  G|-9-8-9-|     G|-9-|  G|-8-|
D|-------|  D|-------|  D|-------|     D|---|  D|---|
A|-------|  A|-------|  A|-------|     A|---|  A|---|
E|-------|  E|-------|  E|-------|     E|---|  E|---|

   G       D      Em       C
e|---|  e|---|  e|-3-|  e|---|
B|-3-|  B|-3-|  B|-5-|  B|-1-|
G|-4-|  G|-2-|  G|-4-|  G|-0-|
D|-5-|  D|-4-|  D|-5-|  D|-2-|
A|-5-|  A|-5-|  A|---|  A|-3-|
E|-3-|  E|---|  E|---|  E|-3-|

Em Bm7 C Em B (x2)
              Em      *
Sometimes I’m so high
       Bm7      *
That I just float
             C          *
I can’t even think about
        Em        B
All the darkness ahead
              Em     *
Sometimes I’m so low
      Bm7       *
And I don’t know why
       C         *
I just can’t wait
               Em     B
For the masquerade to end 

       G                  D
But my problem, just the same
Em                         C
  As every man, woman and child

          G                          D
But every good thing must come to an end
Move on somehow...