I tried to use my boss pedal plugged into the back of my Peavey today and it sounded like shit on, but to my surprise it sounded a lot better with the pedal off. By that I still mean plugged into the amp but just not on, after I unplugged the pedal to check sure enough it didn't sound as good.

So is that just normal? like some kind of boost or whatever? And can I harm my amp doing this.
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Try plugging just a cable in from the fx send to the fx return, it doesn't harm your amp.

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Yeah just a small cable did the same thing. I definitely think it makes a difference and personally I think it sounds better.
Jackson DK2
1962 Fender Esquire
PEAVEY 6505+ 112
What kind of pedal were you using?
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^^It doesn't matter what pedal is there -- something happens when you use the effects loop on that amp, even if it's just a 6" cable connecting the send and return jacks. In my opinion, it sounds overly harsh and fizzy, but that could be that I also use a boost up front. Without a boost pedal, the amp could use a little brightening. I run an EQ in the loop, however, and get a better sound regardless.
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Peavey are not very good at designing amps, particularly loops.

But then again, to be fair, a lot of other companies aren't either.

Gotta look in the nooks and crannies to find a real beautifully designed amp with no stupid little problems like this. Usually gotta drop $$$ too, unfortunately.

I say this as someone who has owned a ValveKing, 5150, JSX, & 6505. I'm a little over it.
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Cath, I've tried that with various new tubes, and it doesn't have any effect on this. It's like the effects loop has a built-in buffer -- and a bad one at that. There is a mod to make the effects loop true-bypass, but I haven't bothered with it, as I'm very happy with the sound I get with an EQ in the loop.

As Offworld pointed out, many amps in that price range have flaws. For $600, I'm pretty happy with what the amp is good at.
the buffer in the pedal is buffering the loop better than whatever peavey uses to drive the loop?
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