Here is my recorded song, not finished...
Can tell me someone, that it's alright with loudness?
I think it's quiet, it's far from CD volume...
I have a scarlett 2i4 interface.
Is this the highest loud, what can I make with this interface, or I'm doing something wrong, and this can make much louder?
I can't make up more a volume, becouse it would be clipping.
Here is the cover song: https://soundcloud.com/venndi88/in-flames-only-for-the-weak
I think you should do some research on the process of 'mastering' and you will learn that through mastering, songs are made to be the volume that you're looking for.

This can be accomplished for an amateur recording enthusiast through the use of plug-ins such as izotope ozone, or perhaps your DAW already has a preset signal chain that you can use on the master track to bring the loudness up.
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Search for limiters, there's a bunch of free limiters. If you're using reaper, it comes with some great VSTs, but first, you should know what they are and how to us them
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I think this is a perfectly fine volume level to be honest. How loud a song is is personal preference to a certain extent however if you do feel you need to get more volume from the track look into mastering a bit more. Limiters can always allow you to boost the songs volume but you will be sacrificing dynamics and it can turn a song into a bit of a mush if you over compress and over limit it.
I'll tell you right now, most of the volume comes from the mix itself, not from the mastering.
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