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I recently purchased my first baritone, a LTD MHB-401, loaded with BKP BlackHawks which I'm loving and as it was a requirement for my bands super low tuning (Drop G# - we play a lot of heavy stuff. I can literally hear the eyes of many elitist/bassist rolling their eyes right now.) and was looking at purchasing another as opposed to moving to a 7 string as my other band mate on rhythm has.

Unless I’m not looking or searching all that well, theres not much in the world of baritones. I did find the Fender Blacktop, which looks awesome but checked out some videos and it doesn’t sound like what I’d be after (had that real Fender “twang” to it. Was 27” scale which is what I’d be after. And of course the EC-401.

Anyone able to recommend a few good baritones? Happy with any brand but I usually use LTD or Jackson.

Agile has an impressive line of extended range guitars including 27", 28.65", 30" scales on six-strings as well as lines of 7, 8, 9 and even 10-strings and fan-fret (multi-scale) guitars. Many of the multi-string guitars come with trems, including some of the fan-fret guitars.

You might check with sevenstring.org for other vendors of baritones. Unfortunately, the major brands (like Gibson and Fender) rarely have a long-scale baritone available. ESP and Schecter will have them.

I have a hefty collection of guitars, but I've been using a Variax JTV-89F (Floyd-equipped) for drop tunings; saves me committing a guitar to each tuning. Since the Variax doesn't require that you actually change the tension on the strings (uses pitch replacement technology allowing up to an octave drop on each string), you can maintain the standard tuning, bendability, string gauge and Floyd use on the guitar while tuning down to Baritone areas and beyond.
Ibanez RDG are great long scale and you don't feel that you are playing on a super long neck, they feel almost like a normal guitar and you can swap from one to a regular scale guitar without problems.
I not the biggest fan of the last jacksons (except MIA), I still think the 1990-2007 generations were better guitars.
Agile have a very wide collection on baritone
Schecter does too and they are trying quite a lot ofcrazy stuff (30" 1 octave drop tune guitar for exemple)
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Quote by Heideck

Schecter does too and they are trying quite a lot ofcrazy stuff (30" 1 octave drop tune guitar for exemple)

A 30" 1 octave drop tune guitar... is a bass. It was only a matter of time.
Ibanez RGD models are sweet, at 26.5". You'll have to eBay them though, as they got pretty much phased out right after they came out (I assume they overestimated sales).

Moving to a 7 doesn't mean anything at all. Your tuning tension is completely up to your scale length and string gauge. An extra string is completely arbitrary, if you don't actually use 7 strings. I assume you know this, but for your bandmate.

As I'm sure you know LTD has baritone Viper and ECs as well as the MHs.

If you're in the US, Agile guitars from http://www.rondomusic.com/electricguitar.html should have a decent selection to look at. To search quickly, "627" search term will turn up what you want quickly, though that may not be all of them (they can name stuff weirdly sometimes).

Quote by dspellman
A 30" 1 octave drop tune guitar... is a bass. It was only a matter of time.

Standard bass scale is 34". 30" is a pretty short bass - which have existed for a long time (Fender Bass VI?).
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