I have a Crybaby 535q wah pedal, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to set the knobs to get the slash sound. I'm looking for the sound from Sweet Child O' Mine if you are wondering. Thanks!
What amp, what guitar, and what pups do you use?
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What amp, what guitar, and what pups do you use?

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go around and demo some other amps, i think that something else would suit you better.

also if you didn't know that there is a slash wah, there is.
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go around and demo some other amps, i think that something else would suit you better.

also if you didn't know that there is a slash wah, there is.

Have you tried Morley? I dont use wah much but the Morley wahs sound much better to me. They're smoother and...less asstreble sounding.

Edit: I apologize for the crass, wah isn't my thing. But now that I think about it, a Morley wah is suddenly on my gas list. I haven't had a wah in a few years, I should give it another try.
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set it to whichever setting sounds closest to a bog standard crybaby. probably emphasis on the higher frequencies.
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.....well first plug everything in....turn it on and then noodle around till your close. I could telll you my set up but seeing I use a Gibson LP, the Dunlop gcb95 and an RV MKII 50 that´s not gunna be much help.....and when I switched heads that´s just what I did....went back in to the rehearsal studio and played with my knobs....

I will give you a hint though....use your neck pick-up, role the volume off a tad and for the "solo part" towards the end use both or just the bridge....and of course less distortion-more tone Sometimes I engage the wah for the whole song and sometimes just when the climb starts in that final solo...

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