Hello everyone, I am able to play lefty with the strings the regular way, but have seen people do it with the strings reversed-which I have also taught myself to do a little bit. I know that there are advantages to both ways of playing and have been having a hard time deciding which way should be my primary way of practicing. What do you guys prefer? Any of you play with the strings reversed? Why? And what sort of music do you play?
I think you'll need the strings to be in the normal fashion- that is, heavy ones closer to you and the light ones closer to the floor. That's how everyone else plays and I imagine most songs and chords would be difficult if not near-impossible to play.

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There are some guys out there who play lefty with the heavy strings on the bottom, like Dick Dale. I suppose he started out like most lefties of his era, and flipped a righty, but he never changed the stringing. He even does it with actual lefty guitars.

Personally, I don't think it would work for most, but it sure does for him!
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