I have a '96 USA Strat Plus with the roller nut and the slightly different bridge to usual, with 3x lace sensor golds.

Never really used to bridge position because the neck pos is so beefy and funky, and the mid is really soft and pleasant, and between them both is a fairly gritty sound, the bridge was always 'hollow' sounding with no thump or guts in the sound.

Threw in a hot gold 13.2k and it sounds even worse. Is the difference in impedence going to mean the wiring needs to change? The bottom toney kinda knob (has a mid notch, below is bass boost or something, above the notch is treble boost, only effects the bridge pickup) sounds like wobbly jelly mud gloop when below the notch, and like nails on a chalkboard when turned above the notch.

I'm going to put the regular gold in I think, because it sucks a little less.
So weird, these pickups sound so brilliant and 'drip' like when you put them in this guitar only 3cm further away from the bridge!!!