I think...its the 21st anniversary of when our very favorite Baby Joel popped out of his Mommy Joel in the shire of hamps that are not old.

So let's all give a round of sound for this fellow who has stuck around for so long.

And many mooooooooore
Congratz I Want To Give You Something But I Cant Sadly Still Have A Nice Day Dude
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Happy birthday, brah. I got you some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.

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happy birthday Joel

my present to you is the money i paid for your sex change op to become Jolene
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happy birthday!

love you bro
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cheeers to all my main mans in this thread I was thinking of posting a synopsis of my life leading up to this point, but that would probably get a bit personal, so I changed some things.

The Story of Billy The Babby
get it cause Baby Joel is like Billy Joel therefore Billy even though that's not my name but anyway

I was born on 14 May 1993 in a small town of Lyme, New Hampshire. And I mean really small. Like, population less than a thousand. I don't really remember any of it, except for trees, and this one kid playing Oregon Trail on the computer, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I moved out of there when I was around three or something, to Concord, New Hampshire, which, for the longest time, I thought was the Concord that had the Shot Heard Around The World (lolAmerica). It's not. Anyway, whilst there, I remember doing normal kid things, like dancing to The Nutcracker, dancing to Mulan, playing Age of Empires on the computer, being terrified of the basement, and fighting crime.

Wait what?

Yes, I fought crime as a child. It's one of the reasons I moved around so much.

When I turned six, things got dangerous. I had around four major criminal organisations that had put a bounty on my head. I had really made life difficult for them. My parents searched for what would likely be the safest place for a six year old. I think they were also trying to get me out of the crime-fighting lifestyle. I'll admit, it was dangerous, but it was incredibly thrilling. Halfway through the school year, of first grade, my parents were able to work with the government in finding a safe-house that I could live in. I think they were hoping as well that as I grew older, I'd forget about my vigilante life, and I'd be a normal kid. How they were wrong.

So in the Winter of 99-01, we packed up. The government found a house for us in Utah. I think they figured because so many people are Mormon there, there wouldn't be much crime to fight. I remember moving in and looking around the house. It was nice, don't get me wrong. But I was suspicious that we hadn't been betrayed. When touring the home, I remember going into one of the bathrooms, and there was a tarantula in the bathtub. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal. But I knew that the tarantula was the symbol of one of the crime syndicates I fought against in New Hampshire. I was nervous, but also excited for the possibility of facing of with this criminal organisation. Alas, nothing came of it. The six years I lived in Utah were boring and really dumb and I hate it there.

Then came the time for another move. Someone had gotten the word out, and my location had been compromised. Turns out just because everyone is Mormon in Utah, doesn't mean they don't have criminal ties. In fact, because so many people there share common ancestors, they actually formed their own group, called the Mormon Mobsters. I'll admit, they weren't that big of a threat. Just a bunch of middle class white families thinking they knew how to be street and tough. They were a joke. But my parents were eager to get me out. That's when we moved to Minnesota. I got enrolled in a charter school, because it was a lot smaller than the public school, and one of the agents who had been tasked to protect me sent his daughter there. I guess it let the government have a closer eye on me. Minnesota was a great time, and definitely one of my favourite places to live. The chilling cold of the Winters allowed for great tactical advantage when I lived my secret double life. My parents didn't even know at that point. I would say I was going to hang out with friends, or go camping in snow caves or go snowboarding, but it was all just a cover. My parents suspected nothing, and neither did my enemies. However, someone that I thought was a close friend of mine actually turned out to be connected to the Mormon Mobsters. I think they must have seen him getting close to me, so they reached out to him. Whether they bribed him, or blackmailed him, I don't know. But once again, it was time to pack up.

London. The greatest city in the world. The government stitched us up with a house right in the dead centre. It let us be close to the embassy (five minute walk), and we were in the heart of the city, so much so that it would be so difficult for someone to make an attack on me without there being witnesses. By this time I was fifteen, and thought I was maturing. I thought that fighting crime would be a thing of the past, but I don't think I was prepared for London. The crime there was rampant. It went unchecked. The mafia had even bought out the Police, and made it so they couldn't carry guns. I was sent to a very upperclass private school, where many government and military officials sent their children as well. The security was good, the campus was amazing, I had the best friends there in the world, but the school itself sucked. I realised at this point that I should have spent more time as a child getting into good studying habits and good work habits that would help me later on in life. Instead I spent most my time as a kid fighting crime, which meant I wasn't really that inclined to do schoolwork. But I needed to now. I realised I couldn't make a living as a vigilante. During this portion of my life, I spent most my free time brooding and sulking. I cursed the mistakes of the past, and I cursed my imminent destruction of the future. There was no hope for me. I could see no way out. Despite the fact that I had such good friends, it was hard for me to relate to them. They actually mirrored the lives of those I had taken when I was a crime fighter. I was closer to 'the beast' than I ever had been before, and it drove me deeper to madness. I didn't know who I was anymore.

That's when I decided to take a break. I graduated highschool, and the first thing I did was pack up and leave town. I moved to the North of England, and spent all my time walking about town and talking to people. I started in Manchester, spent time up in Lancashire, then down in North Wales, the Chester area, and even Shropshire. There was a moment as well where I visited Connecticut. I spent most my time in these areas wondering about my past. Was it too late to change? Would I be stuck as the child that thought he could save the world? Would I be able to outrun my destiny and become the person I wanted to be? I met many people throughout this time. I helped many people as well. I actually changed lives, which was more rewarding than taking them. But after two years, I gave it up.

Here I am now, at university, still wondering. Still thinking. Still reminiscing. Still anxious. Still nervous. Still living life day to day, but cursing each one. Happy days are few and far between, but hopefully this one will be alright.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
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Ayo lads once again just cheers all, it was a pretty good day
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
happy b-day
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happy b-day

dont be scared homie

also wup wup bday tings.
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burfday bro
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