Hey guys, I have been making a pedal board for all my pedals. I want to drill a hole in the side of it (its made of timber) to fit a jack and solder a cable then run it to the first pedal in my series of pedals.

I was wondering if this kind of jack would be cool to use:

I know its a TRS jack and my guitar cable is TS but I'm not too sure about this kind of stuff. What I'd like to know is would using a TRS jack with a TS guitar cable actually fit first off. Also would it degrade the sound quality at all? And finally does anyone have any better suggestions?

Thanks -Mike
it would fit just fine, the different between trs and ts is just one more pin(to make it stereo, or balanced mono)however i do reccomend that you ground the ring
Any suggestions as how to ground it? I am using a Pedal Power 2 Plus to power all my pedals.

Thanks -Mike