Hey all. New player here. Ive been playing for about two months. I can play the E Em A Am D C F F/g# ornsomething. And songs like boulevard of broken dreams. Taylor swift songs (only used them to practice rythms) and currently youre beautiful from james blunt. When i went to buy my guitar i listened to some yamahas (didnt like them for some reason) but i liked the cort earth and Levins. Then i played this cort mr-e which was a bit nicer than cort earth. But cheaper? Anyways, how hard of a bump can guitars take? And how good is my progress?
Im struggling with my inbuilt tuner but i guess it takes time to figure out. I got my guitar last weekend, i used to play a old stagg classical...

Im really enjoying figuring out strumming patterns lol. Cant sing to playing yet.

Is my guitar a good choice? Thanks and i look forward to learning from you guys!

any guitar that keeps you motivated is a good choice. i've never played a Cort...just not available near my home. i'll bet its a huge improvement over that classical style guitar !
....umm.... how big of a bump? ..... huh? are there holes in it? flames shooting from the soundhole? police trying to run it over because of the noise pollution ??
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Cort is okay for your level of guitar playing. Besides price and branding shouldnt matter! You might find a million dollar guitar that you dont like :P. Good progress on the chords there. I would recommend you learn all the major chords first(just A through G). Then learn the other versions of it like the minor chords. accoustic and classical guitars are pretty fragile. Solid body electric guitars on the other hand are slightly more sturdy. Good luck!
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