Hi guys so i've been playing classical guitar for about 2 years and im currently grade 2. I've given arranging a shot and arranged versions of certain songs. I arranged it by ear for the melody and filled it in with the bass notes at appropriate places. However when i compare my arrangements to others, i notice my arrangements feel empty somehow, like there are 2-3 beat pauses where i dont play anything as the song has nothing there. Also in this certain song the chorus has a certain energy to it that doesn't feel the same in my arrangement. Some help from you guitar experts out there would be appreciated .

Heres an example of me playing all of me by john legend :P : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf8Jm5Q7ueY
Discalimer, I'm an intermediate player, expert on nothing musical.

I look for a chord and its voicing in which the melody note or phrase sits firmly, then play a chord-melody style that uses the other notes in that chord, maybe with addtional notes added, as support for the melody line. In your vid example, the musical space could be filled by doing arpeggios and the like, not just plucking all the chord notes simultaneously.

I do Google searches to get ideas for suitable chords, but rarely take them as gospel.
Thanks so much! Ill give it a shot, it does seem like a good idea
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Quote by contra98
Thanks so much! Ill give it a shot, it does seem like a good idea

Here's another suggestion. Look up a Youtube version of the song that you like, and that will push your abilities a bit, and record it to your PC. Then use a sound editor like Audacity to "dissect" it, note by note if need be, using looping and slowing down, until you understand what is going on. Note I'm not suggesting learning it note for note, just understanding the methodology. I do that all the time, and I'm currently working on this:


Playing it in open D rather than DADGAD.
Open tune your guitar to a tuning that fits the song. That will give you access to open notes that you can let ring out and it will help fill the space - see Don Ross for a guitarist that uses a different tuning for practically each song.