Just ordered a Morley Little Alligator volume pedal so that I have better control between Lead and Rhythm volume sound.
Manual suggests toe down position should be at Rhythm Volume and toe up should be at Lead volume.
What is the settings you guys use. What is the percentage of volume difference between Rhythm and Lead guitar.
I don't personally use a volume pedal to switch between my rhythm/lead. When I'm playing live or just jammin with the crew, I find it impossible to "hit the mark" in the volume sweep every time I switch between rythym and lead. I guess it would be OK if you didnt have to change anything during the song. I tend to use my pickups / manipulate pedals. I use the volume to control signal to my pedal chain (post tuner).
There's no point asking what other people do, everyone else's set up is different - you have to use your ears and judge for yourself.

Personally I wouldn't even use a volume pedal for that purpose, it's just not the most practical solution. I'd use the guitar's volume controls or the channel volumes on the amp it's not a single channel one. If you really want a pedal to stand on then you really want either a booster or an EQ pedal, but even then you're likely going to need to tweak things from the guitar on a song to song basis.
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