I've encountered buzzing before many a time, both on electric and acoustic and each time managed to work out how to stop it. However this time I simply have no idea!

It's happening on my Martin DCPA5K that I got straight out of the shop. I've had it for about 5 months, and only recently have I noticed this buzzing problem.

It's kinda hard to describe but i'll do my best.

The buzzing only happens on these conditions:
- I hit the G string open while holding down the low E string.
- When I put a finger on the low E between frets 10 and 12 (Anywhere beyond that range and there isn't any problem)

Any ideas guys?
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Your 13th (and maybe some frets higher than 13 as well) fret is a little high compared to the surrounding frets. The guitar is still under warranty so you should be able to get it fixed for free. Your guitar probably has an internal resonance around the same frequency of the G so when you play open G your E string vibrates more than it otherwise would and when you push the E string down it's closer to the frets so those two factors combined gives you buzz from the E hitting high frets. That is my guess but without the guitar in front of me it's impossible to tell but because it's under warranty you have no reason not to have it repaired by a luthier.
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OK, sounds like that could be the issue, anyone have any idea on how to fix it?

I don't really want to have to travel all the way back to where I got it from, not exactly close to home :/
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Quote by metal4eva_22
What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.
i'd try a REALLY big hammer.... or the long trip back to the shop. none of us here could tell you if it's loose internal electronics or a loose tuner( had that happen a few times...bitch to find unless you know to look for it) or how exactly to fix it unless it's in our hands.
... i do have a hammer if you need to borrow it
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Read this through: http://thbecker.net/guitar_playing/guitars_and_setup/setup_page_01.html Perhaps you'll gain some insight as to what should be happening, (as in correct clearances, action height, relief, etc), as opposed to what is happening.

I have had guitars that have settled in the reverse of what normally expected. IE, the neck became too straight, or even back bent. This could cause a problem, as it would lower the action in general,

As for stepchild's suggestions, try turning the screws on the end of the tuning keys in. You just want to feel a little bit of resistance at the screwdriver. Just barely snug, no more.

His second point, sometimes there are cables out of a harness or striking the preamp housing that can cause buzzes. A loose nut on the input jack, another possibility

In any event E to G is a minor 3rd, and going backwards it's a major 6th Suffice it to say that those intervals are fairly active harmonically. (Although you didn't specifically say which frets on the E-6 gave you trouble, or the most trouble).
Lot of the time it can be fixed with a small brass or polyurethane hammer. If the fret has lifted slightly then a light tap can push it back down. Don't use a steel hammer because that will dent the fret. Also, if you hit the fret too hard it'll curl backwards and make your problem worse.

If a light tap doesn't do the trick then you will have to actually file the fret down. I would not suggest doing this yourself on a new guitar because it is easy to scratch the body and fretboard of the guitar.

Try contacting martin directly. There is a very good chance they have a Martin authorized repair man near you. You might not need to take it to the place you purchased it. Actual taking it directly to the luthier could be better for you anyway because there is a good chance that you could get the luthier to give you a professional setup that would dramatically improve playability and it wouldn't cost you anything. A pro setup with fretwork normally costs will over $100
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