Sorry if this is in the wrong place! I found this bass in my brothers shit. I don't know why it's so short scale. The neck is the same size as a Squire Bullet Strat. The bridge is interesting too. If I could find the rest of that bridge I could put together a bass out of this, and maybe start playing a little! But unfortunately I don't know where to get the rest of that bridge and I don't even know what kind of bass this is. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!

Pictures of the bass:
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If you could help thank you!
that looks like a Tokai or other Japanese factory model. In fact very close in design to some of Tokai's vintage basses.
It looks like it's a delray or a teisco tulip style bass to me, but there seems to be two types, and mine might be a lesser known type of something? Could anyone shed some light on the hardware? especially what kind of bridge that is and what kind of pickup just rests on top of the body like that?

I think mine is the style with the covered bridge and the pick guard that only covers half the guitar. I'd love to make this into a playable instrument, just not quite sure what kind of hardware I need to invest in.
It's an unhelpful thing to say but this bass could belong to any one of hundreds of cheap brands. Not to say that it's a bad bass, of course, but I've seen the same tuners, string tree and woods/colour selection on so many different brands from the 70s/80s.

It's not going to be worth much but it's probably great fun to play. Enjoy.