Can anyone recommend me a good bag to keep for a go bag in my car? Looking for something roughly the size of a 3 day bag with MOLLE. Just something big enough to keep enough stuff for either an unplanned overnighter somewhere or on the off chance i get stranded somewhere. just gonna keep clothes, few MRE's, paracord, and stuff like that in it.
Ain't no bag big enough for me.
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you need a cooler with some dry ice mabe or get a lunch bag that has those freezer pads
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Wouldn't recommend storing molly in a car.

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what you need is a new amp, TS.
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put all your belongings in a very high density polyethylene container with a threaded lid. use teflon tape to seal it, replace all the air inside with argon three times then evacuate it to at least below 100 Pa. wrap that container in fiber glass then and put a bike lock on it too

there, now everything will be secure.
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