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Welcome, space traveler, to the one and only Drug Thread! All questions and comments about particular drugs, their effects, drug paraphernalia and related topics are to be confined to this thread only. All other threads about drug use will be closed.

- Posts in this thread are made at your own risk - if you wish to protect your identity we recommend using 'SWIM' (Someone Who Isn't Me) instead of 'I' in your posts.

- Flaming and excessive spam will not be tolerated. We encourage educated and mature discussion of drugs - bashers and flamers' opinions are not welcome here.

- We as a community encourage drug users to be educated and careful about the decisions they make. Most drugs can and will be dangerous physically and/or mentally if not handled correctly, so please be smart about the decisions you make. We will answer any and all questions you may have.


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A major organization for the reform of marijuana law.

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