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Either E or G

G usually leads to Ziggy Stardust.
Either E7#9 or an E5 with the B and two E strings held open. Good for making sure the fifths are in tune.
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E, always leads to an A or a D after that, Usually D, and then 'Gloria.'
A poem.
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G, as soon as I play that I can tell if it's in tune or not.
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Em or Am, or C to check if the tuning is right.
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either A minor, F major, C major, G major or my Major D.
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G for tuning, B7 because I like it
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Generally A or B minor, Or an open D or F
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Chords? I don't play chords \m/
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Chords? I don't play chords \m/

Name one song you play that doesn't have chords. Or are you that guy that just plays single note leads
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Bm7 or Cadd9 most of the time.

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Name one song you play that doesn't have chords. Or are you that guy that just plays single note leads

Name one thread you read that doesn't have sarcasm.
I usually play E5, A5, D5 then G, C, G, D, G. Actually H is Bb in Germany.
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G or D. No reason in particular, just what automatically them before any other.
G, D, Cadd9 and then, just because it makes me laugh, go up the fretboard chromatically with a diminished shape
power chords with lowered 5th played over 4 strings. people hate it
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E major
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