hey guys,

whenever i strum a chord or whatever, the strumming sound is always so loud and brassy. I have tuned the guitar properly and tried to brush lightly but it always sounds so brassy and loud..never smooth and normal sounding like a normal guitar sounds (e.g. like when ed sheerean plays his guitar)

I have an acoustic guitar
Any tips, guys?
It's all about using a fluid motion when you strum. A big practice thing that helped me was to mute all the strings and just strum using 16th notes (start at 100-110 bpm maybe), and practice hitting different accents while ghost strumming the rest. Ghost strumming means to make the motion of strumming but not actually hitting the strings, this is key in that fluid motion. In terms of ups and downstrokes, that would look like this for example: (The Ups/Downs in parenthesis are ghost strums)

D, (U), (D), U, (D), U, (D), (U) etc.

Every one of those strums are a 16th note. It was just a good exercise that helped me, and it came pretty naturally.

If you already know all this then I'm an idiot.
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that sound could be the type of strings you got on there. or the pick youre using as well.
dont use an absolutely flabby pick. use something that decently thick but not too thick...

try to put some energy into your strumming... doesnt mean go insane and ****ing jam down on the strings... but dont be super soft.. sometimes when you strum quite soft with a soft pick you get a "brassy" sound.

and hmm... yeah thats all i can think of right now

but yeah try focusing on your strumming for lets say a month.. if it doesnt make a difference.. its probably one of the other variables.
Treat the pick like your first girlfriend.
You need a little bit of force at first and then you just ride the wave to Groove Town brah.
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or u can just hit the treble notes... i know it's not the exact solution.
Have you tried the way you hold the guitar? I Find if I lean the guitar back to watch what my fingers are doing I play loud and cant seem to quieten it . If I lean the guitar more forward I have more control of the volume I want to play at .

I am still very much a newb thou ( and probably will be for life=) ) but yeah , I find watching my posture helps with 90 % of my problems .
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Treat the pick like your first girlfriend.
You need a little bit of force at first and then you just ride the wave to Groove Town brah.

Hahah, I'm not sure I follow that one.
hi guys,

I know this also maybe a bit too soon to bring up as well, but oh well lol. Anyways, i have always wanted to strum without a pick, should a situation should arise when there is no pick avlaiable. Anyways, i have been looking online for vid's on how to strum without a pick and i'm not too keen on the ones that talk about using just your index finger to go up and down (i don't know why that is, really lol) . My friend uses this technique where he's thumb and index finger. My problem is that, if i were to use this technique should i strum with the face of the nails (this sounded really scratchy to me) or should i strum with the flesh of both fingers when put together?

Or does anyone have any suggestions that i could use?