I have been playing for a good 5 years now and I suck. It has been frustrating me for quite some time and it is because I learnt how to pick and position my fretting incorrectly (being half taught/half self-taught). I now have a guitar teacher that has helped me in identifying these problems but he does not know how to solve them and neither do I. Could anyone recommend any video lessons or exercises I can do to better my technique? (My fretting hand wrist is bent at a sharp angle and I pick by rotating my entire arm. Trying to force myself to play "correctly" strains my hands). I know building up speed and correct technique takes a long time but I am just getting frustrated with the little/no progress I am making. THANKS!!!

theres a lot that could be going on..
could be tension buildup. could be not proper positioning...

the gilbert video also changed the way i picked.. as well as the one i posted..
although i dont agree with the title of the vid i've posted... (theres no "proper way" you do how you feel comfortable) the vid did actually help me a lot with my technique.

if you notice, even gilberts picking hand is very close to what this guys mentioned.

and shit man.. thats a lotta laney products behind gilbert!
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you need to keep your hand in a position that doesn't require tension/effort to maintain. if you're just as tense in between picking motions as you are when actually doing the picking (i.e. in between every up/down stroke when alternate picking), your hand never gets a break - playing this way would tire anybody. imagine that when you're alternate picking, you're telling your hand to go: flick wrist downward, come to a stop, rest, flick wrist upward, come to a stop, rest, flick wrist downward, etc.

our instinct is to tense up for difficult situations. so when you come to a fast part in a song, the tendency is to twist your wrist and tense it up, when in fact you ought to be striving to play the same way as you do with easy and slow parts.
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For the fretting hand sharp angle, get the Guitar neck up higher towards your ear wear a strap always.

for picking relax, I find playing really quietly helps, this proves you are not straining to pick fast

16ths at 200bpm should feel no different to when your playing 100bpm
this can take years of practice of course...
But this goes up to 11