So i am a semi-beginner who has owns an acoustic but never really used it as much because i'm into the deep heavy sound of an electric guitar and such music never interested me. So i got on the net one day while doing random Google searches and everywhere i saw people recommended to switch to electric once they had learnt the basics on acoustic but nobody ever elaborated as to what those basics were so it would be cool if you guys could let me know so i can see how far i am from the basics and make the switch to electric. Thanks :]
Basics? I guess chords. That's about all I've done on an acoustic guitar. Look into all basic open chords. Just with those it is enough to build simple chord progressions.
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So i know the basic chords along with a few techniques such as hammer on and pull off so do you think i can make the switch to electric now or do i need to know something else on the acoustic first?
No, you can switch right away, the same "basics" you can also learn on electric - the differences between the instruments are playing style and different techniques being used.
The only reason I'd suggest getting an acoustic first is because it's cheaper and you can see if you like it or not.

Basics in my opinion is your open chords, a couple of different strumming patterns, knowing how to form barre chords and being able to play a simple melody. If you can play a song or two alright then you know the basics as far as I'm concerned.

There's no need to wait to get an electric if that's what you want to play and you are sure you enjoy the instrument because the basics work the same way, until you get more advanced that's when they start becoming more different.