So mostly out of boredom I decided to buy a guitar slide yesterday(also I know a lot of bands around my town do blues and country). So far I am having almost no problems after learning how to actually use the slide.

But, I am having troubles with hitting the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings while using the slide, they always sound muted. I am guessing it is either because I am still learning how to use the slide, or because I am using an acoustic guitar at the moment(lost my guitar cables of course).

Any tips? Also how do I find tabs for slide guitar?
Hmmm... I had this problem with my glass slide. You need to either press a little harder, or get a metal slide. Glass just can't give the same tone and sustain as metal. Metal slides are a bit heavier, but because of this they are more controllable. Alternatively, try stepping up your muting techinque, it's really important for slide. Focus on muting strings behind the slide with your other fingers. Also, with your right hand, pick with mostly the thumb and index, and with the other fingers, mute the adjacent 2-3 strings. I don't think you need me patronizing you how to get an in-tune pitch with the slide... Finally, I think glass slides are better left for electric, where the electronics and the amplifier do most of the job. Acoustic tone is all in your fingers, and a metal slide really helps. As for tabs, there are no specific tabs for slide guitar. But here in UG, you can check out the work of the greats, such as Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Ry Cooder, etc. Hope I helped you.
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I actually had bought a metal slide already, since I decided it would probably be best to learn on something tat wouldn't break the first time I drop it.

Thanks, tried the muting and pressing down a little harder, and it is working