Hi all,

My gear setup:
Guitar: Mayones Setius
Amp: Mesa Dual Rect
Cab: Rivera with 4x V30 and Zilla with G12K100 and V30 speaker mix
Pedal in front of amp: Zakk Wylde MXR

What I'm searching for now is...

Rhythm is played on the red channel of the mesa. The MXR is setted for very little gain and the rest of gain is the Mesa.
Solo is played on the orange channel of the Mesa. This channel is setted a little louder (Master more open) then the red channel. The gain is also increased compared to the red channel.

This works for me, it gives me an awesome pushed higain sound. But, for the solos I miss some virtuosity sound, I mean, when you listen to great bands, they add either compression, thickening, delay or whatever...

Wht I miss in my sound is thinkening, and I don't really like delays, because the suck to much punch away... or am I doing some wrong settings... What can make my allready grreat solo sound just that little addition that makes my sound exploding ?

Thanks for suggestions in advance,

Kind regards,
Hmmm, I'd say play with your EQ - in particular, try increasing the mids in your solo tone. I think you already have the right gear (I'd kill for a Dual Rec ), just gotta experiment with it.
Set the level to max on your OD with the gain off

You can also switch to the neck pickup to get a fatter sound
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Hugh, really ?
I do the opposite now...

Quote by Robbgnarly
Set the level to max on your OD with the gain off

You can also switch to the neck pickup to get a fatter sound
You can switch to the neck pickup, but that will give you a totally different voicing. I use the Boost DLA in the loop, it gives me a nice volume boost AND delay, but no aditional gain. That's my best tip on one tap. You can also engage that OD of yours, but that will mean two taps instead of one.... but you'd be on "solo paradise" by then. By the way, I've noticed that everyone around here likes their ODs with gain at minimum, level at maximum or near and tone as you like... But I think something like gain at 10 o'clock, level at 2 o'clock and tone at 10 o´clock works best to cream up your solo sound. Just my 2 cents.
Last rehearsal I tried with lowering the Output Level of my OD pedal to level 3 and setting the gain on 8. This is indeed solo paradise, oh my god, what a Sound.

But I think I will have to add a noise supression now.

Thanks guys, great tip !!!!