we're the Black Suit Pilots from Germany. We see ourselves as a straight Rock n Roll band, leaning on mainstream-choruses and hard riffs, kind of like Phil X & The Drills, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Nickelback (the early stuff), Guns n Roses.. check us out, we got a full album coming in June called "Whatever Remains", and this is the opening track off it.



give us a like if you dig it!
cheers and greetz from germany,
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Definitely a good throwback sound, nice production quality too.

Keep it up!
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Thanks man.. we're really trying to build up a little fanbase, so of course we're relying heavily on word of mouth.. so if you like it, please share the video with your friends, like us on facebook.. maybe we're playing in your town sometime

it sounds like modern rock to me.. more like pop-rock rather than straight up rock n roll... but hey who am I to judge...