Oh yeah, Rammstein are amazing.

We saw them live in Vancouver a couple of years ago and it was probably one of my best live experiences I've ever had.

Off the top of my head, one of my favourite tracks is Ich Tu Dir Weh, or however it's spelled, off their latest. I've got their whole discography except Rosenrot. Herzeleid, Mutter Libe Ist Fur Alle Da and Sensucht are probably my favourite albums of theirs.

Clearly my German is atrocious, I'm going to go ahead and put one big [SIC] at the end of this post
Well there must be some fans around, they're basically the biggest German band since Scorpions. I absolutely love them myself. Some of their lyrics are absolute genius for all their simplicity and musically they make one hell of a good noise altogether.
Yeah they are one of my favourite bands and I've seen them live twice. They put on stunning shows, so many cool ideas. Still enjoy watching their live DVDs too.